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Transmission Service And Repairs

At DeutschTek Automotive, our specialist repair centre in Narre Warren, can conduct routine servicing and maintenance on you’re German vehicle equipped with DSG, CVT, S-Tronic, ZF (BMW), MB – 722.6, 722.9 and 725 (9 -Speed Mercedes-Benz) We will always recommend servicing you’re automatic or dual clutch transmission on time, or for vehicles not specified for a service interval, no more than 100,000km.

What does “Serviced for life” mean? Some manufacturers state that their transmission is “serviced for life” or “filled for life” – implying that the transmission oil doesn’t ever need to be changed. What you have to keep in mind, is the fine print that also says the “life of the car” is 100,000km and after this age, the manufacturer doesn’t want to know about you’re transmission problems, and will want to sell you a complete new transmission, which might cost as much if not more than the car is worth. At DeutschTek Automotive, we try to be realistic when it comes to servicing, and servicing you’re transmission is absolutely necessary for trouble free motoring especially if you want to enjoy you’re German car as long as possible. We live in a world that is quite wasteful, and the idea of “throwing it out and buying a new one” is more beneficial to the manufacturers, but is very wasteful. We know that in reality you’re German car can be enjoyed for years if looked after properly.

-We can conduct Servicing and minor repairs in-house at DeutschTek Automotive in Narre Warren, or for more complex repairs, we outsource to a transmission shop but we can still arrange this all for you if required.


Transmission Service & Repairs in South East Melbourne’s Suburbs

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